The Whole Megillah YA Contest | And the Winner Is…

The Whole Megillah YA Novel Contest Winner Tracy Porosoff

Tracy Porosoff of Westport, Connecticut!

Tracy will receive a signed copy of Jenny Meyerhoff’s Queen of Secrets. Congratulations, Tracy and congratulations to all who submitted! Thanks also, of course, to contest judge Aileen Grossberg, Chair of the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award Committee.

A bit of background about Tracy: She began writing children’s stories five years ago.  Her poetry and picture book inspiration comes mainly from her preschool son and toddler daughter.  Tracy’s young adult work-in-progress — To Life — explores a 17-year-old girl’s spiritual journey after witnessing her alcoholic father’s death. Tracy blogs at  A Bissel at a Time, where she describes her experiences integrating more religion into her family’s life.

Stay tuned for the announcement of The Whole Megillah Picture Book contest. The judge will be Joni Sussman of Kar-Ben.

And now, the winning entry…

To Life

Chapter One

Shrugging off my book bag, I flopped onto the armchair next to Dad’s hospital bed.  Inside my coat pocket, I ran my fingers back and forth against the edges of the folded envelope.  I should be happy.  Getting into college was a good thing.  At least when Dad wakes up he’ll be excited to hear I got into his alma mater.

I glanced at the panoply of electronic equipment monitoring Dad’s vital signs.  As if I could ever decipher the flashing lights, knobs, dials and switches that looked like they could power a heavy metal concert.  Through the open door, I heard the clatter of the silver cart serving afternoon tea pass through the wood-paneled hallway on its way to the sitting room.  Should I chase the orderly to grab a scone?  Familiar voices floated up, making Dad’s eyes flicker open.  My scone would wait.

A woman wearing a full-length fur coat and a man in a creamy-looking suede jacket entered the room.  Mitch and Gail.  Dad’s yacht club friends.

I stood to greet them as Dad’s cracked lips spread into a broad smile.  “You guys didn’t forget me,” he chuckled, clearly delighted, in a hoarse voice.

“Of course not, Daniel.  Last night’s Winter Gala wasn’t the same without you,” Gail said.

“Yeah, for the first time ever, I was the one to close down the bar,” Mitch said.

I had no part in this conversation.  Should I leave?

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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