Attention Illustrators | A Message from Kent Brown and the Highlights Foundation

The following comes from Kent Brown of the Highlights Foundation

I got this idea, and at first I thought it was another goofy one. Here’s what I’m faced with. The Highlights Foundation is expanding its programs, and, to my great and happy surprise, has a number of workshops of interest to illustrators.

A few of our Highlights friends joined in last September for the Advanced Illustrators Workshop. Alison has put together one for the end of the summer, and, given the success of our last workshop and what we learned, it ought to be terrific. We also have several other workshops that might be of interest to illustrators, such as From Prose to Picture Book and The Brilliant Dummy.

Frankly, we have had a struggle in the past letting illustrators know about our programs. I think that may be because illustrators spend so much time drawing, and they keep busy. Writers now have machines to write with, and they have so much extra time that they hang out on the Web and find out about conferences.

Also, writers like going to conferences so they can postpone the terror of the blank page.

So here we are ready to serve illustrators. But we don’t know how to reach them. Most of the e-mail addresses we have are for writers, although we have heard that many illustrators now have e-mail addresses.

The goofy idea—maybe it’s a brainstorm: Who knows more artists than artists? You see what I mean? Birds of a feather.

So we are sending you this e-mail in hopes you will share it with your artist friends.

We will be ever grateful for your aid.


PS: Don’t tell any of your writer friends—if you have any—that I spoke poorly about writers. I’ve met a lot of writers, but I married an artist.

For more information about this workshop, which takes places near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, or to request an application, please visit our website or contact Jo Lloyd at 570-253-1192,

Please feel free to share this e-mail with others who might have an interest, or to include the information in blog posts or through other social networking forums.

The Highlights Foundation is a public, not-for-profit 501©3 organization. We dedicate our efforts to connecting, nurturing, and inspiring children’s book writers and illustrators.

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History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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