Children’s Literary Salon | Continuing the Conversation about Jewish Children’s Books

On April 12, I participated in a panel discussion about Jewish children’s books, hosted by Betsy Bird of the New York Public Library. The discussion was the latest in the library’s series of literary salons. Joining me on the stage were Joanna Sussman of Kar-Ben and Marjorie Ingall of Tablet magazine. I was representing the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee.

6144566982_2a3a46a96c_m (2)I thought it might be fruitful to continue the conversation we started on the gorgeous Sunday afternoon on The Whole Megillah. I’ll post a couple of the questions Betsy posed to us, as best as I can remember them.

1. What makes a children’s (or YA) book Jewish?

2. At what age should children be introduced to the Holocaust?

Chime in by using the comment box.

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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2 Responses to Children’s Literary Salon | Continuing the Conversation about Jewish Children’s Books

  1. Sheila Baslaw says:

    I am soooo jealous of people who live in NY and who are able to attend these stimulating, thought provoking seminars. I wish I could be there. We are lucky to have you to give us some feedback through the Gonsa Migillah. .Keep them coming.
    Carpe Diem
    Sheila Baslaw

  2. I think most children can handle a simple Holocaust story by around 7 years old. And if a story deals with any Jewish culture or traditions, I’d say that’s a Jewish children’s book. I would have loved to be there in person!

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