In the Spirit of Poetry Has Value | March 2016 Report

Here are my March statistics:

Poetry: Sent to seven journals (The Pinch, Diode, Massachusetts Review, Poetry East, Thirteen Ways, and two contests), no acceptances, five rejections (Cold Mountain Review, Diode, Epoch, Cider Press Review, and one contest).

Short fiction: A story originally published in in 2011 was accepted for a Press 53 anthology, Volume II of Everywhere Stories. Three rejections of a short story from Literary Mama, One Story, and Apogee.

Creative nonfiction: Sent to one journal (Jewish Literary Journal), no acceptances, two rejections from Tiferet and River Teeth.

Yes, indeed, March was a month of rejections. But I am inspired by Maria Mazziotti Gillan‘s Writing Poetry to Save Your Life. I’m taking a class at the moment with her and Laura Boss and I would really like to get into the habit of writing a new poem each day. I am also gearing up for a National Poetry Month event in my hometown at the Kearny Public Library where I’ll be reading with library director Josh Humphrey.

Question for you

I’ll reiterate last month’s offer: Join me in baring your writer’s offerings. I’m opening up The Whole Megillah to guest bloggers. You can blog about sending out your work in any genre—poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, picture books, novels, whatever. Just comment to this post and we’ll work up a plan.


About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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6 Responses to In the Spirit of Poetry Has Value | March 2016 Report

  1. melodyflea says:

    I think that this is a wonderful idea and gives a space to all Jewish based writers. Thank you.

  2. Morton & Sheila Baslaw says:

    BRAVO!!! You are a WRITER. Thank you for your courage, drive and honesty in sharing your March statistics. You made me aware of how little I had put into my writing project. You also gave me the incentive to work harder. Thank you, thankyou. On another note just bought the only two copies available of Goldie Takes a Stand! at Will be in touch soon. best always Sheila Baslaw


  3. Sarah says:

    I’m in this game with you, and I love your openness. As a Jewish writer, I don’t always write Jewish things. That being said, I have a short story I’d like to submit, hoping for a contest (could always hold off til next year’s Moment/Karma, or maybe it’ll still be around then, though if it is, I haven’t written it as well as I hope I have), but definitely Jewish submission opportunities. Needs to accept progressive (non-traditional gender) literature with a traditional Jewish (prayer and ritual) grounding. Any suggestions?

  4. Hello Barbara. I feel you have given the writing community
    so much here with your sharing & the generous offer.
    My name is Jan Annino & I look forward to meeting you at Highlights this year. Although I’ve written two picture book manuscripts with Jewish themes (which I also consider to be worldwide themes, by the way,) the workshop where I think we will connect is the verse novels session. Very much looking forward to learning more from you/with you.

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