June 2016 Jewish Book Carnival

The Whole Megillah is pleased to once again host the monthly Jewish Book Carnival!

Here are this month’s links:

  • From Shiloh Musings, Batya Medad reviews Witness to History by Sybil Kaplan. Medad calls it an amazing book of modern Israeli history written by a tireless freelance writer. It’s based on Kaplan’s life in Jerusalem in the 1970s, “a true story and only a storyteller like Sybil can tell it.”
  • In May, Jill at Rhapsody in Books reviewed Across the Alley by Richard Michelson, a heartwarming children’s book about two boys, one black and one Jewish, who live across the alley from one another and form a secret friendship.
  • The newest episode of The Book of Life podcast, hosted by librarian Heidi Rabinowitz, features an interview with Angela Cerrito, author of the middle-grade novel The Safest Lie.  Click here to hear the podcast online.
  • In May, the Fig Tree Books blog took note of Short Story Month with a popular post. Add your thoughts about your favorite Jewish short stories.
  • Over on the My Machberet blog, Erika Dreifus routinely shares “Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links.” Here is a recent sample entry.
  • Life Is Like a Library offers a report from the 2016 Jerusalem Women Writers’ Seminar.
  • Deborah Kalb interviews a wide variety of authors on her website. Here’s a link to a recent interview she did with Rita Gabis about her book A Guest at the Shooter’s Banquet: My Grandfather’s SS Past, My Jewish Family, A Search for the Truth. The book examines her family—part Lithuanian Catholic and part Eastern European Jewish—focusing on her Lithuanian maternal grandfather’s role in World War II.
  • Over at The Best Chapter, Diana Bletter interviews Frances Dinkelspiel, author of Towers of Gold and Tangled Vines.
  • Booksandblintzes is a celebration of Jewish learning and living. This post describes why books play such an important role in how Rabbi Deborah Miller thinks about this mission.


About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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8 Responses to June 2016 Jewish Book Carnival

  1. Looking forward to perusing all of these links–thanks so much for hosting, Barbara!

  2. Faygie Holt says:

    Thanks for the list. I’ve already checked out some of the links and look forward to visiting the others.

  3. shilohmuse says:

    Thanks so much for including my review of Sybil Kaplan’s book.

  4. Faigie Horowitz says:

    Barbara, thank you for your monthly links and curated Jewish literary news and comments. I click through yours all the time thanks to Erika Dreifus’ blog. And now that I had the pleasure of attending gyour Highlights Foundation workshop, I follow your content directly!

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