Making a Commitment to Your Writing

poetryAlthough I don’t think it was premeditated, I realize I’ve made a commitment to my writing, specifically poetry. Here’s the evidence:

So, my question for you: Are you making a commitment to your writing? Are you engaging with your local or a genre-specific writing community? Have you made a commitment without consciously planning it? Please share!

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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6 Responses to Making a Commitment to Your Writing

  1. My 35 year project came to fruition late last year when I found an editor to comment on my work. After furiously rewriting I found a publisher then had to accept a name change, which I did gracefully. Shadows of Shame will be out in mid-September.

    • Bruce,
      Mazel tov, that’s wonderful news. Gives the rest of us hope for those decades-long projects.
      What’s it about and who’s the publisher?

      • Hi Barbara, I just found your comment. I’m new to WordPress. Its called Shadows of Shame. My publisher is a small house called Acorn, out of Charlottesville, VA. I’m about to put some material on WP about the cover reveal on July 29 on FB. I’d be grateful if you’d put something on the Whole Megilah. Thanks for your interest. Bruce

  2. Myra Sanderman says:

    I signed up for your Fiction Writing I Class, despite my fear and trepidation that I wouldn’t have the time or the uninterrupted space to write. I’ve put off such a commitment many times before. I’m not sure what “pushed” me this time, but I’m glad something did!

  3. Barbara, you walk the talk! At the Highlights Conference you led, you pushed us all to make a plan for the year and I think about it every few days, pushing myself to accomplish what I planned. Thank you so much for your ongoing example!

  4. shilohmuse says:

    I just blog…

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