New Online Writing Classes from The Whole Megillah

MP900341496[1]The Fiction I class has been so successful that The Whole Megillah is excited to announce several new classes:

The Whole Megillah Writing Circle
Receive exclusively Jewish prompts weekly for six weeks and post your writing using these prompts to a private Facebook page for commentary.
Fee: $150
Start Date: October 30

Creative Nonfiction
Use fictional techniques to create compelling nonfiction narrative in this six-week class. We’ll explore memoir, humor, travel, food, nature essays and revision through a combination of weekly readings and writing exercises.
Fee: $300
Start Date: September 10

Picture Books
Through a series of writing exercises, draft a picture book kids will love in this six-week class. We’ll explore the different kinds of picture books, problem solving, language, text vs. illustration, and more.
Fee: $300
Start Date: November 6

One-on One Revision Lab
Work with me on revising your manuscript—picture book, middle grade, YA, and adult literary—using a technique I’ve perfected in the classroom: Revision Lab. We’ll work together on creating a storyboard of your work that helps you identify scenes to keep, enhance, or delete.
Fee: Depends on the length and complexity of the project
Start Date: Any time

How to Sign Up

Comment to this post if you’re interested in registering and I’ll contact you privately.

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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2 Responses to New Online Writing Classes from The Whole Megillah

  1. Myra Sanderman says:

    The Whole Megillah Writing Circle intrigues me. Curious how that differs from Fiction ll. It seems that Fiction ll is more like the One on One Revision Lab. Please explain. I want to continue working with me in some way.
    This may be a duplicate. This reply initially came back as undeliverable.

    • Hi, Myra,
      Revision Lab is only between me and the writer. I ask a bunch of questions and draw out a storyboard.
      Fiction II is a series of writing exercises that continues to focus on craft and builds on Fiction I.
      Hope that helps.

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