2017 – Year of the Book

bookshelfJoin me and The Whole Megillah in making 2017 The Year of the Book. Join a community of emerging and established writers of Jewish content. Share your goals and progress, your challenges and satisfactions. Whether you write for adults, kids, or somewhere in between, isn’t it time you got that book written and sent out into the world?

Let’s make this easy. There are no rules, no word count thresholds to hit. Just commit to a book project by commenting to this post. Update us weekly, monthly, quarterly—whatever interval makes sense to you.

Here’s my overly-ambitious personal plan for books in 2017:

  1. Revise and find a home for my Holocaust-related YA novel in verse.
  2. Revise and find a home for my Holocaust-related YA novella.
  3. Find a home for three PB bios.
  4. Write a new PB (just came up with it during last night’s insomnia).
  5. Write a new MG book (came up with this idea during a previous bout of insomnia).
  6. Finish and submit my proposal for an academic book about dance marathons.
  7. Find a home for my poetry chapbook, Chicken Fat.

I’m revving up all cylinders to have at least one book “sold” by December 31, 2017.

Who’s with me? Who wants to come along on this Year of the Book journey?