Literary Offerings into the World | June 2017 Report

Pretty much a month of rejections…

Poetry: 0 submissions, 0 acceptances, 1 rejection (Foundry).

Fiction: 0 submissions, 0 acceptances, 0 rejections.

Creative Nonfiction: 1 submission (Passager), 1 acceptance (Jewish Literary Journal), 7 rejections (Lascaux Review, J Journal, Front Porch, Agni, Malahat Review, Salmagundi, New England Review), but I am still hopeful! I’m about to begin revisions on another piece and signed up for a four-week Iota Conference online course for the fall.

Other June 2017 activities: I attended the Highlights Foundation Novels in Verse Workshop, presented and launched new website and database at the annual Association of Jewish Libraries conference in New York City. Also completed an article on James Fenimore Cooper for Cobblestone Magazine.

Coming up in July 2017: I joined Camp Nanowrimo to generate the first full draft of a YA biography. I already had three chapters in my book proposal, so six more to go! By July 31, I’ll have something. This month I’ll also be working on an article and activities for a Scholastic magazine, a new client for me.

Question 4U: What has your activity been like?

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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6 Responses to Literary Offerings into the World | June 2017 Report

  1. sheilaklewis says:

    Barbara, can you let me know more about Holocaustkidlit? I have some information and questions, best to discuss through email. Thanks, and looking to reading Chicken Fat!

  2. Keep on trucking, Barbara. My short essay on grief and writing was just published by The Sunlight Press.

  3. smbaslaw smbaslaw says:

    Hi Barbara You constantly amaze me. I am in awe of your versatility, production and thick skin. You are a model for all of us. Thank you!!!!!! Sheila Baslaw

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