Literary Offerings into the World | July 2017 Report

Poetry: 2 submissions (Penn Review, BOATT Journal), 1 acceptance (Kelsey Review), 3 rejections (The Literary Review, Rattle, Penn Review). This last rejection was personal!

Fiction: 0 submissions, 0 acceptances, 0 rejections. Fiction has taken a backseat for the moment.

Creative Nonfiction: 6 submissions (Penn Review, Pleiades, Minerva Rising, Creative Nonfiction, The Fourth River, Hippocampus), 0 acceptances, 5 rejections (Penn Review, Missouri Review, Paris Review, Origins, Images) but 2 of them personal. I revised another essay and am signed up for two online essay/memoir classes in the fall. I also completed the first full draft of my YA biography during Camp Nanowrimo. Now I just have to work on the image file and, of course, revisions!

Other July 2017 activities: I completed an article and activities for a Scholastic magazine, a new client for me, and I’ve begun research on a new work-for-hire assignment for an educational publisher. I also drafted a new article for Cobblestone. I continue to teach The Whole Megillah online fiction classes and work with picture book biography authors to develop their manuscripts. I think I’ve completed a new poetry chapbook. More on that in the fall as well as info on new The Whole Megillah online classes.

Coming up in August 2017: Workshopping a Holocaust-related middle-grade novel in verse at the Jewish Children’s Literature Tent Program at the National Yiddish Book Center in Massachusetts and the YA biography at Carolyn P. Yoder’s Alumni Retreat at the Highlights Foundation in Pennsylvania.

Central New Jersey Opportunity!
If anyone lives in the central Jersey area and would like to be part of a group where we write to timed prompts using the Amherst Writers & Authors method (I’m a trained facilitator), please let me know!

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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5 Responses to Literary Offerings into the World | July 2017 Report

  1. You always inspire me with all that you manage to get done. Amazing. Congrats on your acceptance at Kelsey Review. I just had a request from Michelle Barnes at Today’s Little Ditty to include one of my poems in her anthology this year. I sold a story to Humpty Dumpty magazine that I sent them TWO YEARS AGO!! Patience is so important in this business. I am at the Mendocino Coast Writer’s Conference to which I won a scholarship for half the price of the conference. I submitted an adult short story to their contest and it came in 2nd place of 60 submissions. It will be considered for publication in the Noyo River Review. It’s been a very good month for me.

    • Rosi, thanks for sharing your wonderful news! That’s so exciting to place second out of 60 submissions and to win a scholarship to the writers’ conference. Thanks, too, for buying Chicken Fat, my poetry chapbook!
      When you get a chance, please share any insights from the writers’ conference. And congrats again on your “very good month.”

  2. Congrats on the poetry acceptance. And on the Scholastic assignment! And I look forward to hearing more about the work-for-hire assignment, too.

    • Thanks, Erika. The really nice thing about working with Scholastic is that I get paid quickly, within two weeks of invoicing. The recent work-for-hire is an 18,000-word book about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr for a biographical series of intertwined lives. I would like to do more work for hire, but it’s a tough market with a lot of hungry writers. Competition for assignments is fierce. I’m grateful that I’ve received mostly history titles but would love to actually write in my area of specialty, 20th century history. I declined to write about Edison, since he was a known anti-Semite.

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