2017 Year of the Book | Third Quarter Progress Report

I pledged 2017 as the Year of the Book. my year to sell a book manuscript. Now that the third quarter of the year has closed, here is my progress report:

Poetry: My chapbook, Chicken Fat, is due out next month from Finishing Line Press. I’ve also completed a second chapbook, Pounding Cobblestone, about my time in the Czech Republic in 2011 with the Prague Summer Program (now an independently run program after an 11-year affiliation with Western Michigan University). My next step is to figure out where to send the chapbook manuscript.

Creative Nonfiction: In the winter or spring I may resume taking online courses with Creative Nonfiction magazine. These courses force butt in chair and I’m happy with the results. In November I’m taking a food memoir class online from Iota Conference.

Picture Books: Totally on the backburner for now.

Novels in Verse: My Holocaust novel in verse went to editorial committee last week. Sigh, still more work to do, but the committee believes the story is strong and wants to see a revision. Meanwhile my biography in verse is with my poetry mentor and I expect to get his notes this week. Lots of revision ahead!

Fiction: Also on the backburner for now. I had hoped to participate in Nanowrimo and draft two chapter books—one historical and one contemporary—but I want to keep my focus on the books in verse.

Other projects: I’m still writing education books for kids as work for hire. I just finished two books for a book packager and am starting a YA debate book for hire as compiling editor for another publisher. During winter break, I’ll be sending out more pitch packages to educational publishers.

Question 4U: How is your Year of the Book coming along? Please share!

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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