#52snapshots–Week 12

I know I will have to bring my “basement” piece through a revision process to find a core throughline and finesse it to a literary level. When I will do that, I just don’t know.

This Week

I’ve been wondering about how my mother felt leaving her homogenous Brooklyn neighborhood to marry my northern New Jersey father and live among his family. Even their Yiddish dialects differed. This week I’ll be exploring possible emotions my mother may have had.

Other Work in Progress

I need to work on revisions requested by my agent and my editor on two works in progress. The first is more addition than revision–poems to flesh out secondary character motivations. I don’t know yet what the second entails, but I know it’s coming this week. Maybe in April I’ll have more time to revise some of these #52snapshots.

Anyone else revising?

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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