#52snapshots 2022 | Weeks 26 and 29–Fear (26) and A Single Comfort Food (29)

With this post I am all caught up on snapshots. Week 26’s prompt called for writing about what terrified you as a kid. My list included the basement and attic, an irrational fear that my parents would divorce, the genie in the air conditioner because I didn’t know my mother was turning it off in our room while we slept, and the biggest fear perhaps–animals. I chose to write about my lifelong fear of animals. Members of my family scoff at this fear, but my mother knew it was real since she shared my fears. But I have to say, I am not afraid of my twin’s greyhound or my son’s Havanese mix. The latter, Rizzo, so named for her lack of obedience, jumps into my arms when I come. But if I encounter a dog at the local park, I will cross the street. I will stay away from houses where there are dogs–or cats. I like dogs but detest cats. To me, they’re just sneaky and can’t be trusted. I’m even afraid of fish as evidenced by a failed freshman biology experiment–the courtship of swordtails–in high school. I wasn’t going to pick up the dead fish from the floor. One of the major observations was that swordtails jump out of the tank when mating. The fish on the tiles of the playroom floor until my father got home. (My mother wasn’t going to pick it up either.)

Week 29’s prompt asks that we write about a single comfort food that defines our family or culture. Once again, I choose the Jewish deli’s sloppy joe. I drove down to Marlboro (NJ) this week just to get a sloppy joe that I could photograph. But it occurred to me that the salt level in kosher food could be contributing the edema in my legs and feet. Therefore, despite the comfort this triple-decker sandwich provides, I will have to refrain from eating them except on rare occasions.

A Jewish Sloppy Joe from The Pickled Herring, Marlboro, NJ

What were your fears growing up and what is your family’s go-to comfort food?

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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2 Responses to #52snapshots 2022 | Weeks 26 and 29–Fear (26) and A Single Comfort Food (29)

  1. Donna-Marie OConnor says:

    I can get one here at Flakowitz and send you the photo, so you won’t be tempted.

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