Mid-Week Field Notes–January 4, 2023

Field Notes

Happy 2023! Some very quick things:

  • I go through a detailed process to assess the previous year’s accomplishments that include what worked, what didn’t work, what should I stop, what should I start, and what should I improve. Then I use those reflections to generate a set of goals for the next year. So here are my writing goals for 2023:
  • Complete works in progress–These include literary writing (poetry, memoir, short story, novella) for the adult market and revisions of contracted books and drafts for the YA market. I suspect I’m overly ambitious here, so I’m focusing on the contracted YA novel in verse and my first full-length poetry book, oh, and a new short story to eventually go into a collection.
  • Continue to lean into Amherst Writers & Artists–I have been writing with this method for maybe ten years or more. I became a certified facilitator in 2013. Last year I launched Writing Family History, Writing the Past, and Using Photographs to Craft Story workshops. I’ll continue to do some of that and I’ll offer new workshops like Short Shrift: Writing the Short Story. At the same time, I’ll continue to write with groups I’m already a part of (novel, poetry) and I’m going to participate in a beta test of a novel writing group (that I hope will help me with both fiction and memoir). I’ll also be serving as editor-in-chief of an anthology of craft essays and readings.
  • Become a well-rounded literary citizen–I want to continue to attend and participate in literary journal and other readings plus read a poetry book a month and a novel in verse every other month. I also enjoy reading memoir (reading Stanley Tucci’s Taste: My Life Through Food right now on my Kindle). This goal also cements my commitment to send out my work twice a month.
  • Expand my academic CV–Because this also involves writing, I’m stating it here. I will most likely be working on proposals to turn my doctoral dissertation into a book for three potential academic publishers and want to see a couple of papers I wrote about Yizkor books get published. I also have a new article idea that I want to explore.
  • Enhance my genealogical skills–I include this one here, because my family history often fuels my literary writing. I’m taking a course that will give me a certificate in Advanced Skills with the National Genealogical Society. I also plan to continue teaching Family History at the university level.
  • In December, I held a workshop through AWA about goal-setting. I’m going to set up a quarterly goal review and accountability group. If you’re interested in joining, please comment below. There is no fee.

What 2023 writing goals have you set for yourself?

About Barbara Krasner

History writer and award-winning author Barbara Krasner writes Jewish-themed poetry, articles, nonfiction books, and novels for children and adults.
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2 Responses to Mid-Week Field Notes–January 4, 2023

  1. csheer18 says:

    Kol HaKavod on creating that list of very ambitious goals, Barbara! You’ve inspired me to ‘write it down’ to bring each goal closer to reality. Happy New Year

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