The purpose of The Whole Megillah is to provide writers of Jewish-themed content a helpful resource. This blog contains entries about:

  • Book reviews
  • Interviews with and guest blogs by authors, editors, agents, and librarians
  • Event news
  • Contests
  • Research information, e.g., Jewish museums and archives
  • Author services

21 Responses to About

  1. James says:

    Hi Barb, we wish you good luck and the best with your new blog. You have some great ideas and topics to spread about the Jewish community. I did come across a Woman’s Jewish website that could help you get your word around the globe.

  2. Howard Gross says:

    Great website Barb! Best of luck building from 24 followers to 24 thousand!!

  3. Great blog, The Whole Megillah!

    Could you include an email address at which we can contact you to ask about your interest in review copies of books?

    Lee & Low Books Publicity/Marketing Department

  4. Bridget says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Excellent blog! Do you have an email address/mailing address available so that we may send you Review copies if you are interested?


    Bridget Schultz
    Marketing Assistant
    Marshall Cavendish

  5. Sami says:

    Hello! I am working with Jewish Author Yael Levy who releases her YA Novel Brooklyn Love this month. I’d love to talk to you about joining her Virtual Book Tour for a review, guest post or interview. Might you be able to contact me?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Shui Haber says:

    I am working with Mosaica Press, trying to promote their books, how can i contact you for book reviews and other advice?

    Thank you,

  7. Hi Barbara,

    You’re doing a great job with the blog – keep up the good work! We’d love to get an email or mailing address from you so that we can notify you of our upcoming releases so you can review them if you’re interested.

    Thanks for considering!
    Editorial/Marketing Assistant
    The Story Plant

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Could you please send me your e-mail contact, so that I can keep in touch with you about upcoming review copies of new books?

    House of Anansi | Groundwood Books

  9. Tabitha Pelly says:

    Hi there
    I am a book pr professional working from the UK. I would be really grateful if I could speak to you about an important new memoir about the Lithuanian Holocaust. Could you let me know where to send a review copy?
    Many thanks

  10. Kol hakavod for this blog and best wishes for continued success.

    Perhaps you might be interested in:

    * my over 200 articles, 25 blogs and the complete texts of my books, “Judaism and Vegetarianism” and “Judaism and Global Survival” at http://www.JewishVeg.com/schwartz;

    * my newest book, “Who Stole My Religion? Revitalizing Judaism and Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal Our Imperiled Planet. It can be freely read as an ebllk via a link at http://www.whostolemyreligion.com.

    * My efforts to get vegetarianism onto the Jewish agenda.

    * my efforts to restore and transform the ancient New Year for Animal.

    For more infrmation, please contact me at president@JewishVeg.com

    All the best.

  11. HMShankman says:

    Barbara, your blog always has the most insightful interviews, with the best questions! My book, The Color of Light, is being published by Stony Creek Press on October 31st. The blog tour will go throughout November. I would be honored if you joined the tour. Could you email me an address where I could send you a review copy?

  12. Pingback: Ellen Bari | The Whole Megilla

  13. Clara Macri says:

    For Immediate Release
    Contact: Clara Macri

    Jewish poet Charles Bane, Jr. has been nominated to the post of Poet Laureate of the state of Florida.The post is currently vacant, following the recent death of Edmund Skellings. If appointed by Governor Rick Scott, Bane would be the first Jew to hold the post in the state’s history.
    Bane’s work has been described by the Huffington Post as “not only standing on the shoulders of giants, but shrinking them.” He is the author of The Chapbook ( Curbside Splendor 2011) and Love Poems ( Kelsay Books 2014). His poems have won the praise of Past poet Laureate Richard Wilbur, and 1981 winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry Roald Hoffmann, himself a poet.
    Bane is active in the South Florida Jewish community: he was Founder and Chairman of the Palm Beach Advisory Board of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and Co-Founder of Conner’s Nursery, a residential treatment center for infants with AIDS. He has said his happiest day was when the center closed, due to advances in medical research and treatment.
    Bane’s poems have been published in literary journals in the U.S. and internationally, from the Phillipines to the UK. He is at work on a third collection, “The Ends Of The Earth”, slated for completion in 2015.

  14. tova says:

    Are mini-sessions with Barbra still going on? Would I still be able to join?

  15. Toby zipper says:

    I’m also interested in sessions with Barbara and so glad that I happened on this site.

  16. Cathy Fishman says:

    Hi Barbara,
    We were in some Vermont College workshops together and I’ve enjoyed following your blog. I have a new 60 word board book coming out fall of 2020 with Familius Publishers and the marketing person wants some advance endorsements. Can I email you a rough copy?
    I’ll appreciate any help.
    Best, Cathy Goldberg Fishman

  17. Edward Feldman says:

    Hello Barbara,
    A published writer, ( previously represented by NYC agent) I’m rewriting a Jewish themed fiction piece ( ethics, Jewish Identity). Love to join a small Jewish themed fiction critique group ( online,small focused group of experienced writers with previous sales — Hope that doesn’t sound haughty, I aint no Hemingway though my first drafts are also crap) . Any suggestions welcome,
    Edward Feldman

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